The two main portions of the Woodland House are based on the architecture of the barns found in the area. The barns are connected by a structure that pays homage to the Port Royal bridge, the last standing covered bridge in the area. The covered bridge structure starts at one end of the house, passes through the two barns, and then extends past the second barn. The curved, tin-roofed shed that forms the front of the house and provides a passageway between the two barns is a nod the to the tractor shed frequently found connected to a barn. The birdwalk, the trestle that pierces the house and extends into the woods, is based on a local railroad trestle and marks the important role that railroads once played to this area. The tower that supports the landing at the end of the trestle has the silhouette of the iron ore furnaces that can still be found throughout the Cumberland Furnace area.